Avian Studies


Doctoral Student Rediscovers Rare Hummingbird Species     Tyler Batiste, LSU student writer

Club History


The Explorers Club     Robert McCracken Peck

Cryptozoology -The Study of Rare Animals


Double-nosed dog and the Bolivian Amazon Crater     BBC News

Exotic Cuisine


Ain't No Starter Odd Enough     Thomas Vinciguerra


Taste Of Adventure - Dining On Bugs And Snakes     Fred Tasker


Exotic cuisine: This bug grub's for real     Evan S. Benn


They Start With Mealworms and Scorpions     Thomas Vinciguerra



Author of 'Visa Required' prefers rugged traveling     Carolyn Susman, Palm Beach Daily News




Mapping the Sea and Its Mysteries     William J. Broad


Search For The "Last Missing WASP" of World War II     Robert E. Hyman, Lew Toulmin


Adventurer Plots Arctic Rendezvous With Sunken Sub     Nicholas Spangler


Explorer of Arctic Depths Plans Another Trip North     William J. Broad


Russia's Claim Under Polar Ice Irks American     William J. Broad


Queenfish: A Cold War Tale     William J. Broad


Fishermen find big one that didn't get away: a steamship resting miles off Naples     Terry Tomalin, St. Petersburg Times Outdoors/Fitness Editor


Corals: Are We Loving Them to Death?     Eugene A. Shinn, Courtesy Professor University of South Florida, Marine Science Center

Underwater Speleological Exploration


Blue Hole Caverns A Mystery Of The Deep     Curtis Morgan, Courtesy of Miami Herald


Divers Break Record for Longest Cave Passage     Brian Handwerk for National Geographic News


No Cave Country For Old Men     Susan Cocking, Courtesy of Miami Herald


Record Is Set For Cave Diving     Susan Cocking, Courtesy of Miami Herald